Why my super paws?

We hold an unwavering conviction to provide pets with high-quality products that promote their happiness and well-being, while also caring for the environment. We embrace sustainability and use only eco-friendly materials and practices in our manufacturing and packaging processes. Our collection includes a diverse range from toys to accessories and caters to each pet’s unique needs. At My Super Paws, we strive to be a conscientious brand that offers pets the world, while also making a positive impact on the environment.

Designed for heavy chewers

The My Super Paws rope tug toy is specifically crafted to withstand the relentless power of all sizes of dogs. From spirited tugs-of-war to intense chewing sessions, this toy is up for the challenge. It’s also an excellent choice for teething puppies, offering relief and entertainment during their early growth stages. 

Thick and Tight Knots for Longevity

We understand that some dogs are more enthusiastic chewers than others. That’s why we’ve ensured that our toy features thick, tightly woven knots that enhance durability. Even the most aggressive chewers will find it hard to unravel this sturdy playmate. 

Twisted Natural Cotton for Dental Health

Not only does our rope toy provide entertainment, but it also plays a role in your dog’s dental health. The braided natural cotton material dyed with azo-free dye helps clean hidden dirt from your dog’s teeth through friction while they chew. It promotes the healthy growth of teeth and gums, keeping your furry friend’s oral hygiene in top shape.

Anxiety Reduction and Destructive Behavior Prevention

Dogs can sometimes become anxious or resort to destructive behavior when left alone. Our twisted cotton Knotted rope toys are here to save the day. Engaging your dog’s attention and energy helps reduce anxiety and discourages them from chewing on your furniture and personal belongings. 

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